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poor service

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poor service

The following is an attempted submission to Hughes Net which was denied under an "Error" after an our long conversation on the phone with billing. I previously had a 2 year contract paying 100% for 10MBS for which Highes Net provided at best 30% of that speed at any given time. Multiple tech calls, replaced routers,etc,etc,... I calle to cancel and they assured me the new system would take care of the speed issues. Well, it did not. Hughes Net claims I used 20GB of data in 9 days with ZERO streaming, downloading,etc... so they restricted my speeds back down to the same as I had with the old system at any given time. I was on hold over 40 minutes the 2nd time I called to cancel and then had to debate with a lady on simply cancelling my service. I look at their service this way: If you pay for 15 gallons of gas and they charge you for 15 gallons of gas yet only supply you maybe 4 gallons of gas, how then is is fair to expect you to keep doing that AND then charge you an astronomical fee because THEY DID NOT PROVIDE WHAT YOU PAID FOR??

So, now is the next issue. My billdate is the 23rd. I went to their self-help site to arrange to pay my bill in full on the 22nd. "Balance due $0.00" so I can't send a payment with an alternate method. I go back on the 23rd "Balance due $0.00" I update my new card info and contact my bank only yo find out that Hughe Net billed my account nearly $400 for not providing me with what I pay for and then Hughes Net customer service says "It is a valid charge" and that they refuse to return the funds to that account (even though I called the day the bill was due to pay in full with another card" thereby costing me bamk fees and inability to pay medical, food, and gas bills. This is what I attempted to send but encountered an "Error" conveniently after an hour long debate as to what I needed to do to correct this issue. I haven't even been offered ANY reduction nor apology from Hughes Net for not fulfilling their obligations. Think back to the gas scenario stated above.... That is called "Deceptive practice" and is illegal.

well, scatch "pasting" my previous statement... no room here...

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Re: poor service

So funny how they can draft out your money but not "draft" it back in. How convenient.......
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Re: poor service

How about when a when you pay for 15 gallons of gas and you get 15 gallons of gas, but something on your vehicle is "drinking" your gas so it's "draining" down quickly, and when you want to actively use it you have four gallons left.  Is that the gas station's fault?  


One or more of your devices is chewing through your data, and until you figure out what is doing so you'll continue to have the same problem.  If you'd like help with doing so, please start a new topic in the Tech Support section, which you can do here...

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