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termination fees

what are the early termination fees?   i am extremely dissatisfied with hughesnet, as are many, many customers.  you would think they would try harder to keep customers.   i am not dealing with this until 2018.

Hi, and welcome to the community.
If you would tell why you are not satisfied. Do some speed tests at and post the results, we are here to help you.

Don  🙂
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If you can tell us what your problem is there are many users here with more than 100 years of experience between them that can help and we have the best Official Reps here that will help as well.

If you are determined to leave your ETF can be as high as $400 depending on how much you have left on your contract. You may also want to think about your alternatives, Hughesnet is the last resort ISP, meaning it serves areas that can't get anything else. This does not mean they don't care about their customers, they do their best, but too many customers don't understand that this is NOT land based and satellite is a completely different animal. It take some time and a little work on the users part. So I recommend that before you run off half cocked you ask for help and get your network configured properly.
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Here you go from a quick search: under Service Commitment. 

They will release you within 30 days if requested over the phone with no ETF.

Hi leperez2005

We're sorry to hear that! Is there anything we can do to help before you cancel your account? Everyone above me has given some great advice and answers. Please know we are here to help.

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They do work pretty hard to keep customers if the customer is willing to let them help. This site is the best place for that.
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  i am extremely dissatisfied with hughesnet, as are many, many customers.  you would think they would try harder to keep customers. 

Hughesnet has around 1,400,000 residential customers and growing.

There is always going to be a small number of users with issues when dealing with something as complex as computers and networking. Anything can break ... if its "broken" then troubleshooting is required to determine where the breakdown is.

When a problem is reported by a user, Hughes works very hard to first identify and then rectify the issue.

This will of course require that you state the details of your dissatisfaction.