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Don't need a rep to answer this, anymore. Just spoke to phone rep for the last time I'm going to try. Apparantly, hughesnet does not care if your internet drops to the point you can not browse at all after your paid allowance is exhausted. They have no interest in making adjustments, unless you can afford to pay for more data allowance. I have been with Hughesnet for a couple years, and have never been treated this way. Someone always took care of the issue before I upgraded to Gen5. Now, I have to find another internet service that actually cares when the customer has an issue. I have suggested Hughesnet to many people. I will, now, have to tell them exactly what is going on and will have them tell everyone they know.

To all you people whao have nothing better to do than hang out in Hughesnet tech support and criticise, make suggestions and get gold stars from the reps.....


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Who Me Too'd this solution