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Who Me Too'd this solution

Hello everyone,

Since January 26th I have run 15 download speed tests using (average = 30.4 Mbps) and 14 using Speedtest by Ookla (average = 15.1 Mbps) and it appears that my download speeds have returned to normal. This is way, way, way up from the 91 tests I ran between January 3d and 25, which averaged 8.2 Mbps.

I do find it interesting that tests were twice as fast as Speedtest (based on the average) - note tests were performed in pairs, using the same computer and run within 2 minutes of each other. This result appears to be the inverse of what others have reported when comparing and Speedtest. Possibliy the servers chosen are responsible for the difference, as seems to be using a site in Dallas and Speedtest is using a site in Los Angeles (approx 100 miles north of me).


Anyway all that being said, I am happy that I things are back to normal, at least for this Hughesnet user. I don't know how the correction was implemented, but I appericate the help from those on this forum and any of then unknown "engineers" that have worked on this issue. I will mark this discussion string Corrected and begin a new string, if the problem returns.


To those still chasing speed issues, I wish you luck and suggest you continue working within this forum to resolve your specific issues.

ciao for now - Skip


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Who Me Too'd this solution