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Boeing 737 max grounded

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Boeing 737 max grounded

Smiley Sad herd on the News today boeing is grounding the 737 Max airline jet cause they cant Get the computure systems functioning correctly    after those 2 accidents with it in 2018 and there stopping all manufacturing of the jet till they can work out the systems   and bugs for flight testing , dont expect to fly on the max any time soon   wile this is a on going progress my guess would be  6 month to a yr from now 2021  time frame before the public will be on the jet . 

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They need to stop running Windows 10.

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The 737 Max has been grounded since March 13th, 2019, which was three days after the second accident. 


It'll no doubt be a while before they're back in the air.  They said not until April 7th, 2020 at the earliest, but I don't think it will surprise anyone if that's pushed further out.

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