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Early Termination

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Early Termination

I called into the HughesNet service on or about Jan. 30, 2019.  I spoke with the representative and explained to him exactly what I needed the service for.  My grandson does online schooling.  The representative assured me that this service would work for my grandson.  The representative stated that it would ge a good idea, because if it isn't working for him, that I could cancel at anytime.  I took him for his word and had HughesNet install their equipment.  After less than 30 days my grandson complained that it was very slow and not doing what he needed.  I called in to HughesNet today (3-4-19), to explain to the representative that it is not working for my grandson and I needed to cancel the service.  She stated that it would be a $400.00 fee if I cancelled today.  Let them check and see what they could do different before I cancelled.  I stated that I just wanted to cancel the service, and why would I be charged $400.00 just to cancel for a months service.  She stated that I needed to go back and look at my contract.  I told her that the representative stated that there was no commitment and I could cancel at anytime, because he understood that it was for the online schooling.  So its not working for that purpose and I want to cancel.  And HughesNes would charge me an extra $300.00 for the equipment if not returned.  But the $400.00 for cancelling, I'm not getting.  When I was told there was no commitment.

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This section is not for HughesNet support. 


If you would like to get help, you should post this in the myAccount and Billing section, which you can do here.  You can request a review of your sales call to determine whether appropriate expectations were set by the sales representative.  If it's determined that this was not the case, you may have recourse regarding the Early Termination Fee when cancelling.

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Welcome to the club of bitter customers. If HN didn't have contracts they wouldn't have a customer base. I bought all my equipment hoping to avoid it but nope.

So here we both are counting down the months we can end the suffering or at least ease the pain when we terminate early.