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Failing To Provide Service

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Failing To Provide Service

We have had HughesNet since May. Since then we have had to call every 10 days or so to "fix our internet" because it was never working properly. Many times we were promised that the issue was resolved, and we wouldn't have to call again, WRONG. Finally after calling 4 times within 15 days, we tried to cancel our service. Paying $100 a month for a service that isn't being fulfilled is a crime. We were told that we were not justified in cancelling our contract and that we will be billed for "early termination." What a joke. I can't wait to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau!

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@deanwferguson wrote:
Your disclaimer says your not a Hughesnet customer and yet you egg and egg on? 

SMH.  You might want to read that disclaimer again.  

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Lol your right and I concede. This began as my simply adding my own tale to support another and while I was doing so appearantly you posted this wasn't the place to do so. However once something is done it's done and reiterating this isn't the place just makes people defensive. Basically what this entire rant is? People being defensive. There are kinder ways to say things that won't affect people so poorly. Don't attack people just for defending people unless it truly affects you. I am positive there are many hard working employees trying to fix this but isn't the fix just more satellites? So nothing will help until then other than new advancements in technology. So really as things stand there is just too many of us on a service that truly can't support us all.
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@deanwferguson wrote:
Why do you defend a company making so much money with so many disastisfied customers?

HughesNet has well over 1,000,000 customers.  Disregarding complaints that are not the fault of HughesNet, and multiple complaints from the same person, the comparison of legitimate complaints to customers is well under 1%.    


No service provider is complaint free, and just about all look bad when you only look at sheer numbers of complaints, and especially when you compare to complaints to compliments, which are tipped the way they are due to human nature.   


Far too many people expect HughesNet, and satellite internet in general, to be something it isn't.  It isn't, and has never claimed to be, for cord cutting.   

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