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Getting scammed

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Getting scammed

Just got Hughesnet installed Saturday, 3 days ago. Was assured there was a 7 day trial period to make sure it would work for our application. Asked Betty from Florida several times about the trial, she assured us there was a trial but we would still be responsible for the technician fees. Now Hughesnet is charging us $800+ to shut our  service off as it will not work for my work from home needs. There has been one lie after another. Now they are saying it was a 3rd party sale and there is no record of our call conversation. Very upset with everything about this company. Just wish someone would help make this right. We did everything as they told us to. 

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What  a mess! Is your account a business one? If so, the only way to get help is to call 800.347.3272 for support, unfortunately. This community is for residential users only; the reps here don't have much access to the business side of the house.  I really hope you can get some help. 

Yes it is a business account she talked us right into it bit didn't once say anything about the trial policy changing. This has truly been a terrible heart breaking experience. I've cried over this. It was a tough decision to start with and then this happens. I would have never committed to spending over $800 just to basically test a product. They say there is no proof of the conversion even though it says its recorded soon as you make the call. They truly are people being trained to be bad people and scam people into this. We would never have a problem paying for the time the tech had in installation but to pay $800 for a early termination fee when we was told we had 7 days is truly heart breaking especially a week before I have to buy school clothes for my daughter. 

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That's terrible. What's puzzling is that I don't think HughesNet offers any kind of trial period at all, not even for business accounts. Did you get the account via a reseller, maybe? In any case, and even though the reps here don't have real access to the business accounts side, I would suggest that you start a ticket under myAccount and Billing (  Provide as much information as you can about your case, in case the reps are able to do something or contact someone on your behalf.  I really hope this gets resolved for you one way or another. 


I feel scammed myself. When I was searching for internet in my new location, I had 2 choices. Calling HughesNet, I was lied to from a salesgirl about the family and devices used in her home. How she never had any problems with data. Being new to satellite I believed her. She flat out lied. And she had a family that supposedly use data all the time. I live alone and can’t even watch my television in the evening. They promise your never without service with slower speeds of 1 to 3 mobs. That’s a fiat out lie!  Very disappointing. 

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If it's not been more than a few months since your sales call, you have the option of asking for a 'sales call review', the result of which may be beneficial to you, especially if you decide to cancel the service. You can ask for the 'sales call review' by starting a new topic in the 'myAccount and Billing' section. Make sure to be specific regarding what in the sales call you feel was misleading. Sales calls are only saved for a few months, so if you plan on doing this make sure to do it soon.


With that said, if you didn't contact Damian from your prior topic, I would do so.