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Laptop problem

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Laptop problem

My laptop is having issues. It got Microsoft updates yesterday evening. I told it to install them and shutdown. I get up this morning and it will not show the desktop. It will turn on. It did this morning and finished installing the updates. After that it tried to sign in. It appears to complete that process as the Comodo anti-virus starts up and the small square shows in the upper right corner of my screen. I can open that. The mouse is active. It just will not show the desktop or anything but the mouse pointer and Comodo. Task manager only show Comodo as running. Screen is black. It is a Acer E5-771-58YD.


Any ideas?

Distinguished Professor IV

Does your laptop have Windows 10?  


I've been noticing, at least with the latest Windows 10 update, and the previous one, that there are a few rumblings with regard to a Comodo incompatibility issue. 


Take at look at the "Known issues in the this update" section on the following page.  It specifically mentions Comodo.


There are other places problems are mentioned, in addition to the above page.  


But, if you are unable to fix the particular issue, do you have a saved system image you could use to restore the computer?  Are you able to boot into safe mode and try to use the computer's built in System Restore to a poing before the updates were installed?  I've never found System Restore to work well, though, personally.  


I didn't know about the Comodo issues. However I can just reset the laptop. I don't have a system image but there is nothing on it anyway. I don't store much on my computer hard drive. So starting over is as easy as just installing the programs I want to use. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas short of that option?


EDIT.....I am running Windows 10

Distinguished Professor IV

Well, that's good.  If, in fact, you are unable to fix the issue, at least you'll only be out a little time and data, and you won't lose anything important.  


I save a system image once a month and keep them going back three months.  I don't really have anything on my computer that I can't afford to lose, either, but restoring an image is so much easier than doing everything all over again.  This desktop didn't come with Windows 10, though I'd be able to install W10 from a user created disk due to it being registered with a Windows 10 digital certificate.  Still, though, I would then have to go through the updates, program installs and settings adjustments again, and that's at least a few hours worth of work.  Ten minutes vs a few hours.  Um...I'll take the former.  LOL.  


I hope you are able to get it fixed without too much hassle.  

Ricky, if you haven't reset your laptop yet... Did you check Comodo's updates regarding the issue?


If that doesn't fix it... are you unable to rollback the update? I had pretty much this exact issue after the Anniversary update but it had to do with my beta Nvidia driver. If you can rollback, uninstall Comodo, then update again and see if that works.



I am resetting the laptop as we speak. I do not know if it was Comodo that messed it up. I know I got a Microsoft update. Not sure about any Comodo updates. Thanks for the suggestions. Starting over.

Laptop seems ready for the rebuild. Will make it a weekend project. Gonna put a hurting on my download allowance.