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Software update?

Distinguished Professor III

Re: Software update?

Carp.  I hope the mods can figure out what's going on. 


GabeU wrote:

Well, I just power cycled the modem, though only because my power went out.  I hate wind storms.  


After fifteen minutes of being back on, it's still the same.



Re: Software update?

@GabeU wrote:

@maratsade wrote:

I just checked and mine says "up to date."   

Interesting.  What do you see for your three software versions here?


I'm showing...



I have an upgrade a while back that changed it to this:

This changed the numbers for the IPGW so I have seen 1201-1204,1406-1308,1409-1412 so far.  This is probably rolling out based on beam/gateway since I have seen another post with IPGW that look like this.   This change seemed to improve performance a little bit from a subjective point of view. 


There seemed to an accidental(?) update on 3/16 that was reverted, but it seemed to work for the short time after that upgrade before it was reverted.  I only grab logs once a day to track usage by device since I am too cheap to buy a fancy WIFI router so I do not have any information other than two software upgrades with no change like the second was a revert.  



Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Software update?

@maratsade wrote:

Carp.  I hope the mods can figure out what's going on.  

After waiting the weekend and it still being the same today, I started a topic in Tech Support so that the reps can have a look when they have time.

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