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The Big Chunguska Event

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The Big Chunguska Event

I hate to sound like a ranter or be one of those people that leaves crazy theories on the comment board of their ISP, but I think I should mention this. I hope the readers will forgive me if my understanding of the technical detail is poor.

I have been dealing with a seriously nasty clog in my kitchen sink consisting of hair, fat, and bacon grease which has left me with a terrible mess. While trying to get this cleaned up, I was reminded of all the comments on the various threads of this board concerning the level3 data clog by reason of the obvious analogy. As I was thinking about this, I remembered a curious incident that happened a few months back with my internet service.

My neice and nephew had both come to visit and brought their families, so expecting my internet usage would pick up a bit, I made sure to monitor the data closely and warn everyone of the caps. I had the data saver on, and with the shields up so to speak, I thought there would be no problem. Everything was going well since I only had a couple of days left before the data reset, and over 5.5GB of my 50GB anytime data quota, and over 15GB of bonus time to handle any downloads or patches.

Shortly before 1 pm, I hobbled out, slowly as always, to get a cup of tea and my nephew's daughter began telling me she wanted a "big chungus". I didn't know what that was and I only understood about half of what she said but figured is was something for her PS4 since that is everything to her, and therefore I would watch out for it when I was in a store.

About 15-20 minutes after returning with my tea, my VPN folded up, and my RDP dropped. I quickly noticed that my internet speed had been greatly reduced, so I opened the HT2000W HughesNet System Control Center, and immediately saw the System Status was red because of FAP! I pulled the router logs to find out how so many GB has disappeared in such a short time, and I saw right away that the PS4 had been pulling data at the rate of 30Mbps for about 20 minutes, and the 5.5GB of anytime data I had a short while before was gone. I asked my niece who is knowledgeable in these things about the PS4 using all of the data quota, and she told me the girl had went on youtube with the PS4. Of course, I pointed out that youtube does not use that kind of data in such a short amount of time, especially with the data saver on. This is when my niece confessed that there was a setting on the PS4 allowing it to download patches automatically whenever it could go online and that they had forgotten to disable the setting. It was now obvious that the moment the PS4 got a hold of my WiFi password, my precious anytime data was doomed.

I remembered this incident now as I thought about how hair and grease will inevitably cause a clog in a pipe if there is insufficient water pressure to force it through. I slowly realized then that this incident with the PS4 may have involved the download of a big chungus through the level3 data pipes, and the FAP with its unfortunate timing may have caused the chungus to become wedged and stuck due to insufficient data register pressure.

So, if any of the technically savvy folks on this board should manage to clear the level3 data pipe of the clog caused by the big chungus that I suspect has been wedged there, can you be so kind as to let me know what they look like and if they are available in the PS4 video game section in Walmart or Target for Christmas?



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Some of this "Big Chungus" stuff is hilarious.  Lots of memes.  I don't think it's a real game, though.  

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