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Welcome to the Hughesnet community!

If you live in an area affected by tornadoes and have questions about damaged equipment or suspending your service, please call us at 877-940-2365 for assistance.

Students and teachers please read

COVID-19 Announcement: Read what Hughesnet is doing for you.

COVID-19 Reminders: With an increasing number of people staying at home to work and study due to COVID-19, Hughesnet network traffic in the U.S. has increased dramatically. As a result, in many areas of the country, our network is operating at full capacity. To maintain performance for our customers during this time of extremely high demand, we’ve adjusted our network to help meet the demand – and we continue to optimize the network around the clock.

To help people working from home, we have optimized Cloud-based business applications. We have also optimized online educational apps, and are working with teachers to identify the websites and learning tools on which they depend. If you have trouble accessing an online educational site, share the details with us HERE.

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