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6.6.0 Usage meter - Data Cycle Info Missing

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6.6.0 Usage meter - Data Cycle Info Missing

I read in the past during an update or two this went missing, and then many complaints it was finally added back in, now it's gone again.


It's current state provides no valuable information about the data cycle really,additionally it appears to be giving incorrect remaining data quotes based on the monthly usage ("Good" on new vs "Bad" on older).


Comparison for both tonight


I do like the new look, but can't use this due to already being used to and benifiting from the info provided with the previous version


Hope we can add that back in with an update, and correct it's "Math/guesstimates"


Unable to edit the above! 😞 


I also noticed "SmartBrowsing" does not appear, may need to have @Amanda look at our account again if this isn't a bug of this new version.

Associate Professor

The design is intentional due to new service plans coming soon as well as Gen4 style plans being retired once Gen5 gets into full swing, as in it will display bad only when you have gone over your data allowance for the month.  If I am not mistaken it will also display if you enter SmartBrowse in that same area which has essentially replaced the old FAP unless excessive consistent downloading occurs.

They have also changed the method of usage tracking to show remaining usage per each day.

I personally don't see Hughesnet stepping back from the design decision, it's the second or third time they have pushed the new method and design and this version is required for the HT2000W modems that are now in service.

Why would they remove the whole bottom info section due to Gen5, that same info would be benificial to all Gen5 users just the same as it is for Gen4.  I understand what you mean about maybe they change the display info/wording but why would they remove the info about customers data cycle usage date, percent of allowance used, how many days passed and the very nice graphing estimate as the month moves along. 


Displaying bad only after you run out does not benifit anybody, as you can see in the compare above my data usage is not "Good" as the new version shows, I will be running out before the month is over.  The new version makes it look like all's fine when it's really not, while the old version has let me know for a few days now I'm going over and need to slow down.  I do understand I can track usage many other ways, but this really looks like a huge step backwards again, I read the old threads on when this dissapeared the first time. 


Surely removal of this info bar is a bug and not intended! Gen5 and Gen4 users both would need/want all of that info, there can't be a business or design reason to take this info away from customers because it clears up monthly usage questions from many angles all at once which surely helps alleviate some questions about data usage here and on the phone lines.


SmartBrowse displays all the time with the previous version, just grayed out unless enabled/using



I did see how they updated the graph in "usage history" in the app and the online version, that isn't so concerning (but still odd) as the main page of the staus meter loosing all those features.


Hopefully someone will say how to disable the update check/nag popup if all of this is to be removed permanently. 

The new version isn't really helpful if that's how it's supposed to be, I'll stick with this old version that provides relevant info from many angles.

Associate Professor

It's not a bug... That aside the information is still there, they list remaining percentage per bucket, and amount of days remaining.  Having it flat out tell you, "hey you've used too much so far this month" shouldn't be needed, it's upto each user to decide, "Can I really get by these X days with Y% remaining?".

All that aside, it does make sense in terms of Gen5 plans if rumors on DSLR have any truth to them, and trust me, you will want to be upgrading to a Gen5 plan when it becomes available, in most all scenarios.

Maybe if enough people complain about it, they might change it back to the old style, but I have doubts that they will this time.

Would be nice if there was a way to tell it to stop checking for updates though, that is for certain.

Well I'd love to hear from staff why all this information is removed?  It was very helpful, and actually made the downloadable staus meter worthwhile using over just looking at the SCC page.


Now, it's just the same as the SCC/192 page, with neither giving all that info easily understood and throughly explained with a quick glance for anyone needing to guage their usage for the month.  I know we can "Figure" it all out ourselves, but the app used to do that instantly, and in several easy to digest ways, why would they want to remove this from customers.


They way it is now, that would only really help a daily bucket user, until last week of a month maybe for a monthly user.  But for the monthly allotments we have so much previously presented info is now missing that helps customers easily undertsand their usage and limits, when comparing the last version with the new version.  No reason to install or open an app to look at the same thing we see in the SCC page


I guess it's like ebay's never-ending "improvements" it's been fixed it for our benifit with all the joy removed Smiley Tongue  J/K, but really Smiley Frustrated


Stickin' to the old I suppose Smiley Happy 


And yes, I've seen all the fuss and leaks about Gen5 around many places, we just got on Gen4 so not upgrading here unless it's done automatically (Took me forever to convince everyone to get on Gen4 and they already say it's not any faster than Gen3/HN9000 - not wanna be Gen4)  I'd see/like/use the improvements and upgrades, but I'd be the only one that would really be able to tell, aside from everyone else being able to tell by the more expensive plan with and a tiny bit more data per month (Not max/ultra plan users here)


I dug around looking for a way to disable the update check, but haven't found one yet., if I find I'll let you know!

Associate Professor

The only way to "block" the check is block what ever address it is checking for current version information, if any website, it could be pulling version information from the modem and that would be impossible to block with out messing up how it works.

I am checking to see what URL's it visits.

I see a version mention and notation in the cookies it logs, but unsure if editing or changing that would help.  Will play later today and see Smiley LOL

Associate Professor

So... I have done some poking around and found some stuff...  I can see why they made the changes, found some information about the area of concern.  It appears there are 6 possible messages to display in that area.

Your Anytime Data allotment for this billing cycle is Good. Billing Cycle: days remaining.
Warning! You may exceed Anytime Data allotment for this billing cycle. Billing Cycle: Days Remaining.
Warning! You may exceed your Anytime Data allotment for this billing cycle. Billing Cycle: Days Remaining.
You've exceeded your allotment for this Anytime Data allowance cycle. days remaining.
Using your pre-purchased Token Bytes -.
You've exceeded your allotment for this Anytime Data allowance cycle.
You've exceeded your allotment for this Anytime Data allowance cycle. Billing Cycle: days remaining.
Your Service is now degraded. You can Buy a Token to restore service.

Further investigation I found out what calls for the program to check for updates at least, in 6.6.0, which I have no way of testing since I don't have an older version of the status meter available to play with to verify that it wont check for updates...

I am actually very hesitant to even offer the modified scripts to anyone as someone may become incredibly upset that I am even poking around, even though these files aren't protected in any way, DMCA is a pain...

Anyways~~~ Further testing... >.>

Curious, what is the old version number and was you using 32bit or 64bit?  I have 6.5.3 32bit and think I will poke around in it a bit and see if I can disable the update stuff, if you have that same version, if the Hughesnet gods are nice... Then >.>

I saw that quoted text too, and some other similar, but obviously it's not showing anymore which is part of why I started this thread.  I'm in the area where it should be giving me those warnings, and it's not telling me that says I'm all good, and and the other info missing is why I was concerned it's a glitch.  Plus when I moved to Gen4 Amanda had to switch our plan around a few times due to her offering us a discount, and we had to juggle it with a type of plan/discount that worked with the status meter (First plan didn't work with it right, due to how the discounts were applied).  So missing this important info made me concerned for two reasons, mainly the info was missing so it appears to be a bug like before when that happened, and two I thought maybe this was due to what we ran into previously with our plan layout and discount being setup an unusual way.


I was using 6.5.3 x64, it works properly for us.



I will keep to myself, but can't check that out until later tonight due to limited internet ha! Smiley LOL

Associate Professor

I sent a different link this time specially for you, only about 7KB in size I think instead of 100MB+. 🙂  Let me know how it works or if you run into any issues.

Thank you, working fine and I just replied! 

Hopefully staff will reply about these removals, or many others will join in all over again and voice their concerns on how benificial this info was for the status meter to provide.

Hi cybo54,


Thank you for your detailed feedback on the new usage meter. I don't know the reasoning for the design change, but I do understand your concerns so I will send up your feedback to our developers for their consideration. Thank you again for sharing.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

Thank you for checking Liz!


Corrosive, does the new meter look the same for you as I showed in my images on page one (ie: minimalistic and not showing the data bar I'm concerned with)?


I ask because I found in modem.js the same type of content that appears to call all of the items I'm questioning here.  I am not great at Java though, so it may be my confusion, but to me it looks very similar so I expect this new version would still provide the same/similar output.  Which leads me back to my other thought and concern here that we previously had with the way our plan and discounts are setup, that didn't initially work properly with status meter and may be affecting the new one in a similar way thus not allowing it to give full info (That was what happened before, limited display/info output due to "plan" not known to the status meter)

Associate Professor

Yeup, mine is just like yours (The 6.6.0 version) in regards to the message and having less information.  

modem.js isn't where that stuff gets generated, it's another file... Can't really discuss it much >.<

But be very cautious about modifying the files if you decide to do so, one bad edit can cause lots of token purchases... lol

Thanks for confirming!  I noticed all the different available "modem plans and states" the program compares when choosing which info to provide the user, and with what I ran into before with a out of normal plan setup made me think maybe it's just due to that, but I guess not if it's that way for you too.


On your edit.  I assumed it wasn't from that, but seeing similar data output mentioned there made me think maybe it was just our plan setup again because it looks like both old and new generate that same info based on that js file.


I know what you mean about edits, and since I'm not good with java I wouldn't have been testing any edits anyway just looking around. 

Smiley Very Happy Got a good laugh out of that token comment, now find where one wrong edit makes our monthly allotment 100GB anytime and we'll all be set Smiley LOL

Associate Professor

Ha, yes I was joking!! Smiley Very Happy

I know that wouldn't be possible anyway, maybe make it appear that way on our end, but I know all that's set on their side anyway Smiley Happy

And see, this is why I thought maybe some issue with the way our plan/discount is setup that's causing some of what I noticed missing.


We're out of data for the month and the new status meter does not show smartbrowsing, while the old one does.

This is same issue we found before with old status meter, smart browsing didn't show due to the way our plan was setup and Amanda had to switch things around a bit.