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6.6.0 Usage meter - Data Cycle Info Missing

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6.6.0 Usage meter - Data Cycle Info Missing

I read in the past during an update or two this went missing, and then many complaints it was finally added back in, now it's gone again.


It's current state provides no valuable information about the data cycle really,additionally it appears to be giving incorrect remaining data quotes based on the monthly usage ("Good" on new vs "Bad" on older).


Comparison for both tonight


I do like the new look, but can't use this due to already being used to and benifiting from the info provided with the previous version


Hope we can add that back in with an update, and correct it's "Math/guesstimates"


I also want to give a big thumbs down for the new status meter. I've got my kids (10 and 13) trained to use to old status meter to monitor our usage, now that information is obscured in the new status meter. 


Fortunately I still have a copy of the old status meter and will stick with that for as long as possible.