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More data token data?

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More data token data?

Has HughesNet been giving some extra data in the data token slot?  My data token went up from 14g to 21g and I never used a token.


Not complaining!  Just was curious if HughesNet was giving out a little gift. Good timing. I had to blow a lot of data downloading a 43 g package yesterday.

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It's possible.  Remember, too, that there were a couple of outages in which each person affected got 3GB of tokens per outage, for a total of 6GB.  It's also possible that, if they asked you to do some testing during the issue you were (or still are) experiencing, they may have given you some token data to do so.  They often do that for those that have to do more than just a few tests.  Or, maybe just as a small compensation for the troubles.  Only the reps would really be able to tell you for sure where they came from.  


There's a "Token History" link under the "Billing Detail Information" section of the "Account Information" page on the MyAccount site.  I don't know if it will show you where they came from, but it might be worth taking a look at just in case.


Not a bad little surprise!  🙂