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Throttle Speeds Recently Dropped

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Throttle Speeds Recently Dropped

Beam 42 dropped its throttle speed at noon on 1/20 MST to 30 KBPS and it’s not been over 50 kbps since. (Or at least MY connection to Hughes on 42 went totally south then.) I personally offered 56 kbps DIAL UP to my customers in Kampala Uganda vi satellite in 1995, without TCP acceleration (which we hadn’t invented then).

Hughesnet support - can you look into this? We can live with 1-3 mbps throttled - we have been for a year - because 50GB just doesn’t work for a home with now-online middle schoolers - but 30kbps is shameful.

If it’s a beam congestion issue - well, no. I watched it drop and it’s not recovering at any point day or night - and high speed (I upgraded again after using tokens) is unaffected.

I’d like to get the throttle speeds back that I saw routinely prior to this and that you advertise - “1-3mbps” - if possible. Please? Thank you.


Remy /  here's the 24 hours sub e yesterday's tests. And I've noticed Something odd that might explain the low speeds while the high-speed plan is still in effect - I look at my modem's homepage and I've noticed the whole time that we've been doing these tests I have a diagnostic code of five, web acceleration disabled. There's no amber or red lights and everything else says it's working at high-speed but the diagnostic code says otherwise.