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Help please

Hopefully the community has answers, nobody else does. I live in a remote area. The only option I have is satellite internet. No dsl available. Hughesnet started out decent, but I'm paying for a higher plan and still use up the high speed within 3 days. 1 teen, 1 adult. I have a Verizon network extender plugged in or my location service doesn't work, nor am I able to make a phone call. This uses a lot of data, but it's necessary to have plugged in. When my high speed runs out, I'm typically throttled to a speed so slow it's not usable. Often times it's less than .09 mbps and we pages don't even load. I can't even connect with hn support over chat because without wifi, there is no signal whatsoever where I live. I drive up the road and get in an argument with customer support, they tell me the same bs every time I call and I flip out and they hang up on me. No joke. My questions are...


- Is there a way to change settings on modem so the high speed isn't consumed in 3 days? Instead of it being 25mbps for a short time, can I set it to be 4mbps so it will last longer?

- Is there any other option for location services and phone calls without the network extender using so much data 

- when my speed is throttled less than 2mbps as hn advertises to be the minimum speed (I did see they recently addended this section), am I basically out of luck for the rest of the month.i can't afford to buy tokens anymore. My bill doubled last month because of buying tokens due to speed to slow to even use

- probably not appropriate for this forum, but are there any other providers that would work better for those living in very remote areas? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end with this internet. My daughter has to go to my mom's to do homework because ours won't load. For the amount I pay, it's just not fair. 

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Your post should be in the Tech Support section, so the reps can address it there. Hopefully one of the mods will move it there. 


As for data usage, it happens when the people in a household use the internet. Anything you do on the internet uses data; anything connected to the internet will use data, sometimes automatically, like for updates. Data can also be used by smart devices, such as smart TVs, even when you're not using them, as they may be connecting to the internet for updates or other things.  


If you have anything set to automatic updates (phones, computers, etc.), that will also use data even when you're not there.  And then of course there is what you and your daughter do: surf the web, do homework, maybe stream something, upload or download stuff, etc.  All those use data. Some things use a lot more data, such as streaming and things like Skype or Zoom. Those will eat data very fast.


Hughesnet sells us subscribers a data plan.  The plan we buy has a certain amount of data for the month; say 75 GB.  It is our responsibility to budget that data so it lasts the whole month.  For a 75GB data plan, a household would only have an average of no more than 2.5GB per day, or the data will run out before the end of the period and they will be throttled.   If a household likes to stream, 2.5 GB can be gone in a couple of hours, and if they stream every day, they'd be out of data within a week. 


Since you're out of data in 3 days, it's possible you and your daughter are doing data-intensive things like streaming. If so, you will have to change your habits to use less data. 


As for the extender, I would use the one HughesNet makes. That one's designed for their system, and I don't think it uses any data. 


If you stream, make sure you're doing so at the lowest definition, so you will use less data. 


Every day, check your system control center or the HughesNet app to see how much data you have left, and adapt accordingly. Since we don't get unlimited data, we have to budget it so it will last the whole month. 


No, you can't set the data speed, though that'd be cool. 


Yes, once you run out of your monthly allotment of data, you are throttled until the end of your billing period unless you buy tokens. 


What devices are you using? Laptop, desktop, smart phones....?  How are you using these things?  How much do you or your daughter stream?  It is up to us as users to monitor and budget the data plan, and it can be a bit of detective work to figure out what's using data.  When more than one device is connected, each of them is sharing in the data bucket, so each of them  is using down that bucket.  So if you have 75 GB per month and 5 devices connected, they are all drawing from the 75 GB bucket and this will use the bucket faster. 


Other providers in rural areas might also be a satellite company -- it would be the same thing, a limited amount of data that you would have to keep an eye on so it doesn't run out.  Some phone providers also sell packages, and you could try them and see if they work better for you. Make sure you understand what all you'll have to pay for. Verizon, for example, is quite expensive, much more than HughesNet, though it might work for you. In my area, Verizon doesn't work very well due to the terrain, so it's not trustworthy. HughesNet works much better.  In your area, things may be different. Before you jump ship, go on the Web and search for internet service providers in your area, and investigate each one deeply. Read reviews, read complaints, and inform yourself of prices for packages and services. 


You mentioned tokens, and yes, if you have to buy them often you end up spending a lot of money.  I wanted to share a price comparison for tokens, each providing 1 GB of data: HughesNet charges $3 per token. Verizon charges $15.   


Hopefully others here will chime in with more suggestions, and hopefully the reps will also chime in and provide more assistance. 

I'd like to add that scrolling Facebook for an extended period of time uses a tremendous amount of data. Between the popup ads and watching people's reels, you can burn a 1GB in a very short period of time and not even realize it.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Wow! Thank you for this info! I'm not sure the Verizon network extender is the same thing hughesnet offers. If it is and hughesnets doesn't use data, that's definitely the better option. Is there a way to see how much data each device is using? We both have cell phones, my daughter has a laptop. One robot vacuum on wifi. One blow up hot tub on wifi. The big thing is the Verizon network extender. I can actually get 4g and not have to use wifi when the network extender is hooked up. Without it, I have zero bars of anything and can't even place a phone call. We don't watch movies or Netflix because it buffers constantly. The last movie I watched took about 5 hrs to get through. Really just surging web, shopping, snapchat for my daughter. Snapchat video calls too

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Are you using the Verizon network extender for a Verizon account or for the HughesNet account? Since you say you get 4G and don't have to use wifi when you use the network extender, it sounds to me you're using it for Verizon data, not HughesNet data, but I may be misunderstanding you. 


I don't use Snapchat, but I would imagine that it could use a lot of data, especially the video calls. Someone else may know more about this.

The robot vacuum and the hot tub likely use data, though I'm not sure how much they would use.


To see what your connected devices are and how much data they are using, you can use the community's pages:


At the top of the page, click on Usage. Then click on Usage Details. When you get to the usage details page, click on Usage again and then click on Connected Devices. Then scroll to the section titled All Device Usage Last 24 Hours.

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@Jukie wrote:

- Is there a way to change settings on modem so the high speed isn't consumed in 3 days? Instead of it being 25mbps for a short time, can I set it to be 4mbps so it will last longer?

Not with HughesNet's modem, but many third party routers allow you to limit the speed, and some even for each individual connected device. You still have to use HughesNet's modem regardless, but you can use a third party router with it. Many people do, as the WiFi with the HughesNet modem is fairly basic, whereas the WiFi with third party routers is very often more 'full fledged', giving more settings options, and as mentioned, the ability to limit speed. You aren't required to use the modem's built in WiFi.