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Inactive devices use bandwidth on the satellite link?

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Inactive devices use bandwidth on the satellite link?

FALSE! We need a manager to correct this immediately because it doesn't even make sense and is making HughesNet look inept.


Tech service tech said, "ok all of them are connected and our modem divide the internet of 3 mbps to all those
device . so you need to disconnect them so only 1 or 2 device can get the internet"


That is incorrect.  Here's the data; this is all in FAP status because that's how I receive 95% of my internet service:

Prior to disconnecting the devices my HN Speed Test was 372 and 365 KBPS. 

After disconnecting the devices as recommended by the tech service (and confirming on HN System Control Center), the HN Speed Test was 355 and 376 KBPS.  I should be getting 2,500 KBPS!


I need a tech service manager to address this and stop putting out FALSE information!  I've wasted at least an hour testing what I knew was obviously FALSE!


Thank you.

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When multiple devices are connected, and more than one device is actively using bandwidth, that bandwidth will be divided, though not necessarily evenly.  Disconnecting devices is a troubleshooting step.


Keep in mind that there is no level of speed guaranteed, including while in FAP.


Hopefully a rep will be able to offer some help or provide some suggestions.

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Thanks, GabeU.  I know you're trying to help.  But I'm no closer to a solution.  If the company thinks that 350ish KBPS is reasonable, they should have told me that.  Suffice it to say, I will never go through the step of disconnecting devices again because I'm convinced that had nothing to do with it.  Also, all I ask is that there's a second tier of service rep who can give me a second opinion.  This slow speed could be by design, or it could be that a technician forgot to return the system to normal status.  I'd hate for it to be the latter because I've had to work with 350ish KBPS for a week now.  I've been a HN customer for quite a long time off and on, and I've never had to leave a comment before, so this one really got to me.  Thanks again.

EricS.  Thanks for the comments.  I was out of the house by 5:30 this morning and had inactivated all devices.  

Between 5:30 and 8:00 am, we lost all our remaining Bonus Zone allowance.  It is also happening to our Service Plan at a slower rate.


Interesting enough, this is the fourth time we have experienced this with the the final conclusion being we needed a new modem.  


We had at one time had the attention of a second level support person, who seems to have disappeared.  I am more than upset with having low level support.


As you, we have been a long time user.   


We have heard that Gen 6 is on the horizon, but we have heard that for quite awhile.

Starlink maybe a better option depending on your location.




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"our modem divide the internet of 3 mbps to all those
device "


This is correct; the reps on this site have given out this information many times. 

Since performance and speed are not guaranteed (see the various disclaimers in the official documents), it's unlikely the mods will get involved with this. 

It is not correct, and it makes no sense.  And, if you read my post, you'd see that I tested the theory and it made no difference.  You are spreading misinformation.


I suspect the true answer is shrinkflation or packing more customers into the same bandwith.  Of course they will not post such an answer, but I can still complain about it.


My speeds continue to be 350ish over the last several weeks.  There is no solution here, and I'm desperately trying to find another ISP.

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Yes, it is correct. The broadband is divided among devices. You may not believe it, but that doesn't make it incorrect.  I am not spreading any misinformation; only repeating what the HughesNet reps on this site have said, and what the techs have said. 


EDIT: It's in the subscriber agreement as well:


I hope you find another ISP soon.