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Modem light setting?

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Modem light setting?

Ok, this might be a weird question, but does anyone know of any secret settings that I could use to turn off the lights on our modem? We had our dish location moved, and now the modem is in our bedroom, but I need to power it down each night because the lights bother my wife. Thanks in advance!



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I don't believe there's any way to turn them off, other than what you're doing, as in unplugging it each night.

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We don't currently offer this as a setting, but you should be totally fine with a makeshift solution. For example, the TV in my bedroom has a very bright red light to show it is turned off, so I cut a small piece of cardboard and used electrical tape to adhere it over the little LED. As long as you don't block the ventilation of the modem, this might do the trick for you!


On the upside, LED control is a suggestion I have submitted to our research and development team for future hardware we may offer. Hopefully it makes the cut! 




I have the same issue and hope you are able to offer a feature to turn off the lights.

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