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NEW email Problem!

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NEW email Problem!

I can NOT send email from either Outlook, nor Macintosh mail, nor iPhone nor iPad.  I can receive email just fine.  It appears that all of my email clients are suddenly unable to log into the outgoing server.  I believe something has gone wrong with the outgoing email server.  It does not accept a login from my email clients.  I have been a Hughesnet user for over 20 years.  This seems to happen every year in December.  Is some key tech support person on leave?


I NEED my email.  Would someone from Tech support please respond?  I posted this complaint yesterday and nobody responded.


Tech support please respond ASAP.


Robert Oder

Temecula CA


I am hopeful, will know soon as it has been constant for this last week. Hughes email servers definitely have problems. 


1. Was it really necessary to go on a 5 message tirade on someone else's trouble ticket? Hope that made you feel a lot better than it made you look.

2. Was it really necessary to projectively call someone 'plain stupid'?

3. Have a wonderful holiday.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Hi Mark:


Why don't you lighten up a bit? 


For most people, going to a free email service - as you have recommended - will work just fine.  I, however, am in the real estate business, my email is on signs in two counties, and it will cost me more than $30,000.00 to change them all.  With that expense in mind, it makes sense to try and fix the email problem first.  


The other factor at work here is that whether HughesNet considers this a priority or not, they are obligated by law to provide all of us a working email service because they agreed to do so at the time they entered into written contracts with us.  Just because they may feel they have other priorities does not excuse them from it.  I enter into contracts with people every day, and I assure you that they are all fully enforceable.  If I have to spend that money to go elsewhere, I could successfully sue HughesNet and get that money from them for breach of contract.  Rather than pointing that out to them, I'm trying to be patient, cut them some slack, and give them a chance to fix things.  In the end, they are obligated to do so.  I'm even willing to try and help if I can.  I try to not criticize others, because I feel their pain.  Right now Im feeling it in my pocketbook.  Very badly.  We are not doing anything wrong by asking HughesNet to perform as they are obligated to do.


Although @hcicles may not have expressed himself in the most highly diplomatic manner, his facts are sound.  I, too, have wasted many an hour with the customer service phone line.  I was once talking with a young man who was adamant that HughesNet was a WiFi company.  When I mentioned to him that they are in the Satellite Communications business, he did not have a clue what I was talking about.


We should all try to stick together as a community and help each other out.  Let's not be so flamingly critical of each other for expressing their authentic pain.




Wow... $30k to replace *part* of the signs by pasting some banners over them with new info... Wow.


You'd spend at least that much trying to sue when they have iron-clad arbitration clauses. Despite thinking it was clever to bring it up likely hurt your cause though. Since you said you are in the contracting business, I recommend you actually read the contract fully before making statements that assume too much about what they are and aren't obligated to do, as well as how mediation is handled.


You should also know that these threads are like trouble tickets meant for the original poster, not to be confused with social media rants. People chiming in with comments like @hciclos made are highly discouraged here, especially if they have made no attempt to create their own thread/trouble ticket. So, it's nice you feel their pain, but it does nothing to further any help for them, especially when they insult the people they may need to request help from - biting the hand, as it were. There are a lot of people who treat this forum as a place for venting like social media - and they'd be very wrong. This is definitely not the place, no matter how much of their pain you feel.


Look, I gave my advice, and still think there are much better ways for you to move forward from a personal and business perspective, especially considering that the email may go away completely at some point. If what you just stated is what you decide to pursue, then good luck with that.


Now I'll lighten up.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
Distinguished Professor IV

Yes, you're the one who has this situation every December. That surely means something, and I hope they can figure out why what that something is -- those of you who use HN email for business and are experiencing this need a permanent fix. Hopefully someone will get back to you with some answers.  

Distinguished Professor IV

The more people report, the better. If it's the password, that'd be an easy solution, but it wouldn't explain why Robert faces the same problem every December. 

Distinguished Professor IV

"Apparently, they are middlemen"


For some things, yes. 

Hi @hciclos 

Thank you for chiming in.  Hughes is having problems, and they need to get busy and fix them.  The more of us who complain, the better the chance they will.



Small update:


If anyone had been seeing issues being redirected to a webpage when attempted to access your webmail (perhaps something saying Zimbra mail, or just Zimbra), this was resolved and any issues related to that should have cleared up after 12/15. Please let us know if anyone is still experiencing something like this. You may need to clear cookies and cache, or re-enter your account credentials on 3rd party apps.







Hate to parachute in but I'm pretty sure that the issue is system-wide network congestion, which is affecting latency, which in turn is affecting the connection to the email's authentication server. It happens periodically, but typically gets worse in colder weather (more people inside using internet, duh). There's no conspiracy theory here, just an unfortunate downside of how satellite comms works.


If this is still a problem for you, I sincerely recommend you proactively start moving to a free, third party-based email service such as Gmail. Instead of waiting for Mohamed to move the immovable mountain, it will ultimately solve your problems by immediately providing a more consistent email service.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

I think you nailed it

Hi MarkJFine:

I worked many years for Hughes building spacecraft and ground systems, and I respectfully disagree with your analysis.  The problem usually starts in mid December, and stops shortly after New Years.  Winter weather goes much longer than that.  It is much more like that there is a key component that needs monitoring/tweaking, and the person responsible for it goes on Christmas vacation.  


Furthermore, the simple fact that the sysops/tech people refuse to jump in on this conversation, despite their having being invited to do so repeatedly, makes it appear that they have abandoned us.  


We are paying through the nose for a service that includes email, and they should provide it.  I have already stated why moving to another Emil is not so easy for some of us.  I don't believe it is a latency issue, because I can't access the server via fiber optic land based lines either.


Come on, sysops: jump in here, tell us what's wrong and what you are going to do about it.  You would establish credibility if you did.





I have also requested assistance two times vis the contact us via email on the support tab.  I have received no response.  The tech people appear to be out to lunch for the month.





Thank you for feedback. I understand this has been a long standing issue. With that said, I appreciate the information provided so far in response to my question. @RobertOder I did not see your response, please be sure to provide the results for my previous question. This is one of our most critical questions we start with when troubleshooting email problems. 


I should outright make clear there is no 'sysops/tech' to hop on here. We can escalate to our email vendor as we gather information about the problem to help facilicate a solution or get a better understanding of how to troubleshoot the issue. Generally we can do this a bit faster than a call center agent since we are in the corporate office and can directly communicate with the email vendor.


I also cannot send emails. I did get a reply that said to see outlook. I don't use outlook so I do not know what this means. The reply also stated these was a permanent response and to let hughesnet know they are on a block list. They attach a link to send but I don't know how to reach y'all by email. I took a screen shot but can't attach it here. Thanks

Hi armadillocj,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Since you do not use outlook, what are you using?  Can you try to send the screenshot file to me via private message? 





I mainly use email on my android. I just choose my email that is y'all.  When on my laptop I log in to my hughesnet account. 


Think I sent it to you in private and on this thread. Hope it gives some enlightenment. I'm not very tech savy.

Thank you armadillocj,


I understand what the issue is now, at least for your situation. Since you are attempting to email someone, the error back is coming from Microsoft, thus why you are seeing outlook related messaging (just their naming conventions are all mixed between MSN, outlook and Live). I will escalate your details to our provider, who will review their IP addresses and check where they are being blocked. They'll need to submit a ticket to have it removed, or reroute things over a different IP temporarily. This may take a day or two, but I will check back in when there are further updates.



Have you heard anything about this?