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Plan Data used during Bonus Plan Data time window.

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Plan Data used during Bonus Plan Data time window.

I got out of bed at 2 am to initiate the downloading of 6 movies "On Demand" from Dish Network. The intent being to utilize the 50 GB Bonus Plan data instead of our 100 GB Regular Plan Data.

At the start of the download requests the Bonus Plan data was around 48.6 GB and the Regular Plan was in the neighborhood of 46 GB.

The selected movies started downloading immediately. I went back to bed.

In the morning I checked out the data plan values and was shocked to see only 4 GB left in the Regular Plan while the Bonus Plan amount had decreases only about 1.6 GB. 

Why did the Bonus Plan data not decrease while our Regular Plan was completed gutted. At 8:15 am one of the six movies was still downloading. The rest had been recorded in their entirety.

Dish Network clarified that they do not suspend On Demand downloads and restart them later. If an hour and a half movie takes in the neighborhood of 6-7 GB to download why was there not a substantial chunk of my Bonus Plan used up; instead only about 1.5 GB was used while the Regular Plan lost over 40 GB.

HughesNet was not sympathetic and refused to accept any responsibility for the situation, even refusing to offer a token. They also said their records indicated no interruption of service during the night. 

They had us turn the HughesNet router/modem off for an hour. An hour? They did not call back and I had to reestablish a conversation with them. 

We are now  searching for a different internet provider. 

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Give the reps here a chance to help. They're on Monday thru Friday from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST. 

I was on the phone with them for an hour and a half. About 45 minutes before they had me turn off the HughesNet modem for an hour and then another 45 minutes after power was restored to the modem. 

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What @GabeU meant was to give the reps on this site a chance to help you.  They can do more than the phone reps, provided you're a residential subscriber. 

I am all ears. 



Thanks for reaching out! I see this is your first post! Welcome to the Community! We'd love to help figure out this Bonus Zone issue, but I was unable to locate the account connected to your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link provided below, with your account number or a phone number attached!