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Port Forwarding on HT3000 (Jupiter 3 plan) DOESN'T WORK

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Port Forwarding on HT3000 (Jupiter 3 plan) DOESN'T WORK

This is a new site install of HT3000 (Jupiter 3 plan using DHCP for WAN) and cannot get Port Forwarding to work. Most of my other sites are HT2000 (Gen 5 plan using DHCP for WAN) and port forwarding WORKS. Any ideas on why Port Forwarding doesn't work on HT3000 (Jupiter 3)?






Thank you for reaching out to us and I am sorry to hear this. Our community page is designed to support residential customers only (DSS). For issues with your business account, please call 1-800-347-3272.



I did call and they couldn't help as said port forwarding was not supported which seems odd as it is a configurable item on the GUI. Is there another resource to post my questions?



Port forwarding is not a feature officially supported or offered on residential accounts due to residential accounts having dynamic IP's only. The modem interface for DSS accounts is also limited and is designed to not not allow access to the port forwarding menu. If you are on residential and somehow have had access to this menu, that feature cannot be supported here on this platform for DSS accounts. -Damian 

Please note my internet is up and all good. Also, I am not trying to ping from my hughes out to the internet. It is the other way, pinging from internet to the hughes HT2000 which is failing since day 1. I have 7 hughes at different sites and this is the only one that is not pingable. I confirmed that the configuration for Intrusion (IDS) is unchecked for "ping to wan interface"