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Problem AGAIN with speed in evening!

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Problem AGAIN with speed in evening!

.68 on your test a few minutes ago.  Very slow in evening  below 1.0 at times -- buffering, etc.  check  testmy site and your site the last couple of days.  Speed acceptable in morning.  I know traffic can hurt speed, but not to this extent.  Can you help? or do I just have to put up with it?     Hi Liz

bkeeper -our last discussion ended with upgrade and cancellation options. I have private messaged you about upgrading and what I can do for you.



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TO anybody,technicians/moderators;

I wish someone had told me the first of March that all that could be done – had been done!  Communication has not been good.

I have been with Hughesnet since the early part of 2009 (with the exception of a few years when I tried one of their competitors).  Most of the time I have been very happy with their services.  We did have some problems two years ago, which Liz was able to solve.  My feelings about Hughes have always been (up to the present) that they cared about and did all they could for the customer (subscriber) and nobody could ask for them to do anymore. I was very much a Hughes “booster”! Unfortunately, after the last few weeks I do not feel that way.  I no longer can recommend Hughes for internet service to anyone.

Amanda, the offer of waiving the early termination fee means nothing since my current 24 months is up in just a few weeks anyway.  And, I intend to remain with Hughes and hope that the present situation improves.  It is unfortunate I am unable to upgrade to Gen5, but I cannot afford to pay an extra almost $1,000.00 over the next two years.  The only way I could afford to upgrade would be to a much smaller plan which at this time I do not think would fit my needs.

Thank you for finally getting back to me.  I will be posting regularly in the months ahead to let you know what is happening.


Have you upgraded to Gen5?  If so, has your speed time improved or is it about the same?  We have Gen4 and have had it now for about 3yrs and what we've found out, about the slow Prime Time streaming is that, alot of it depends on the site you are streaming from.  Good example, if you are streaming a show from say PBS, it doesn't seem to have a problem, but if it is from Youtube or a very popular site, there is a MAJOR problem.  Lots, and lots of buffering which does get quite annoying.  We live out in the boonies and for us, satellite internet is the ONLY game in town.  I've talked with others in the area and they are with one of the other satellite internet companies and they all seem to have that same issue.  I am not sure if there are any companies out there, anymore that don't have buffering issues or not.  We use to have DSL, about 5yrs ago, and it also had buffering issues when we use to try and stream videos/movies while on Amazon, but there again, alot of it depended on if the show was one of the popular ones or not.  If it wasn't there would be no buffering issues, but if it were one of the popular ones, you can get ready for lots of buffering.  We don't have cable or satellite tv either where we are, just over-the-air antenna, so we do a lot of our  missed tv watching early in the morning and there is no buffering issues.  The worst times, for the buffering are between 4p-10p, I guess that is why they call that the "Prime Time" and that is when a lot of people are online.  Anyway, we still have never converted over to the Gen5.  Is that any better?????? 

I am a brand new Gen5 user and I love it. Watched a video from Youtube with no buffering during prime time. I do have a word of caution though. This new technology is not as simple to set up as say Direct TV or Dish. It uses Spot beams which are specific to your area and the dish must be aimed very accuratly. Your installation technician must be well trained or your service "may" be erratic. Once its set up correctly you can experience very fast download speeds in the 15 to 35 MBPS range. I highly recommend it.



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Though I don't do much streaming, aside of Youtube, I did stream a couple of things through DirecTV's On Demand service when I first upgraded to Gen5.  The things I streamed through On Demand were flawless, and the Youtube videos through current have rarely buffered, only doing so two or three times since I upgraded at the end of March.


One other thing of note is that, with Gen5's increased FAP speed, people have still been able to stream when they run out of their monthly data alotment, though only in the lower definitions.  There's no guarantee of this, of course, but it has worked for those who have deliberately run out of data to test such and have written about it.   


Just for reference, I disconnected the DirecTV receiver from Hughesnet after my On Demand test as their receivers can use data for things other than On Demand, and due to it being uncontrollable it's recommended that people don't connect a DirecTV receiver to the service.


It will also use it for some of the guide searches. I found that out the hard way.

Unless you're ordering a movie, extra service (like Sunday Ticket), watching something on-demand, or use the on-screen apps there is absolutely no reason to have the box connected.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

I am not getting the service that I'm paying for ! I have a copy of our original agreement .   In the last 2 weeks my service has droped to nearly 0 ! Ping level goes to over 6,000 at times ! Your rep. that I first made the agreement with was lieing ! Fair Discolsure Law has been violated by you !

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This is an old thread.  To receive help with your individual issue(s), please create a new post in the Tech Support section.  


And though you may very well be frustrated, it would help to be calm when you post of your issue(s) instead of throwing around accusations of lying and making veiled legal threats.  

Hughes Rep:  Can you please remove "deactivate" this thread.  I am pleased with the solution Hughes and I reached last spring.  I no longer use this thread and don't like the posts other people put on it.  If they are having a proplem, they should start their own thread!  Hughes has treated me very well most of the time -- and anytime I have had a problem -- they have done all they could to solve it. 


Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't, it happens, that's life.


THank you,

Bkeeper    Smiley Happy


I have the exact same issues. And the same run around.