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Update On Wifi, Speed

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Update On Wifi, Speed

It appears the Wifi problem some of us had was addressed with the update from Hughes.

The speed problem however remains, during the bonus time, under 1Mps speed is a surprise, but it is there, whether in viewing pages, or video. I hope this is addressed, I doubt congestion at the times posted is the problem. I did restart the modem, this helped restore speed, if that means anything. The roller coaster ride continues .Rocking Horse Cat.pngThanks for the Wifi fix anyways 🙂

Hughes Speed Test  10.24.23.png


Today-11.3, at about 6:30 Am Pdst , my service just stopped cold. I restarted the modem to restore service. I have this occasionally. I understand this is being worked on soon , an update for this as the wifi problem I hope. My update from this end today.

Saturday nite @7 Pm .07 Mps  Great !!


10.4 7 Pm PSt.png

Distinguished Professor IV

Just... wow. That's awful. 


Can't wait till tonite.3:50 Pm Speeds Forget FAP I have the same out of FAP. Congestion is the problem.

Hughes 11.5 3_50 Pm.png


Sunday Nite, 11.12.23 as usual a dial-up evening even the Hughes login timed out. No large files, let alone a youtube video at the lowest resolution viewable. Thanks Hughes !

Hughes 11.12.23 615 Pm.png

Saturday afternoon @1:30 Pm trying to view a youtube video at lowest resolution is impossiable-buffering. I have 30 Mps in my account, so the FAP ploy doesn't apply.

The problem is congestion , so we just have to forget any decent service until tomorrow, hopefully when I am online at 5 Am I will have decent speed, not always as enough are downloading large files, again congestion. The Hughes ads keep adding to the problem also, thanks 😞