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Web Acceleration Not Supported

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Web Acceleration Not Supported

When investigating my slow web speed, I found that Web Acceleration (WA) is "Not Supported" on my Gen5 system.  I have reverted to using my cell phone to connect to the web.  I checked the WA settings and found it is set to enabled.  There is apparently nothing more I can do on my end and will need to have HN reset my WA to "Supported".

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“Web Acceleration Not Supported” is a normal condition.  Hughes continuously updates configuration and technology to maximize user performance.  Web Acceleration technology developed by Hughes accelerates non-secure (HTTP) web browsing by pre-fetching certain content, minimizing the impact of the round-trip delay over the satellite.  However, the vast majority of web content is now secure (HTTPS), so Web Acceleration has no benefit for most web browsing. Hughes is turning down the Web Acceleration components in certain areas to evaluate the performance impact, if any, as part of our normal network maintenance and optimization.



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