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WiFi Connected but No Internet

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WiFi Connected but No Internet

 Hello, my internet has been off all day and it saids Wifi Connected but No Internet. I've unplugged it as directed and made sure all the cables are plugged in. I paid my bill so I don't think that is a issue and I'm not over my data limit and weather has been cleared all week. I called into support but could not log my phone into the modem to check for a code, was wondering if there is anything else I can do or is there a outage or need a new box thanks. 

Distinguished Professor IV

With regard to not being able to log into the modem with your phone, there two most prominent possibilities are first, that there's something wrong with the modem, and second, and more likely, that there's a DNS issue.


What I would do is first, unplug the HughesNet modem. Then turn every device that you have connected to it off. And keep in mind that some devices actually go into standby when you turn them off, like satellite TV receivers, and with devices like that you actually need to unplug them. If you have a satellite TV receiver, but never connected it to HughesNet, you don't need to unplug it. The idea is to clear the DNS from every single device that uses HughesNet, as well as the modem itself. If you use a third party router, turn that off too (even unplug it). 


Once everything is off, and it's been at least a minute since unplugging the modem, plug the modem back in, then wait a couple of minutes in order to give it time to be fully back up and ready. Then, if you use one, plug your third party router back in and turn it on. Again wait a couple of minutes to give it time to be up and ready. Then turn only your phone on and, once it's up and running, try connecting to the System Control Center on the modem via WiFi. You can then turn your other devices back on. 


Hopefully a corrupted DNS is the reason you can't connect to the modem, and doing what's outlined above should fix that. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it will fix the no internet problem, though it could. If you still have no internet, but you CAN then connect to the modem to see the State Code, you can use that code if you call support.


To get support here in the forum, you might end up having to wait until Monday, as the reps are normally on Monday through Friday from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST. With this said, sometimes a rep will still reply later than that, or even on the weekend, though I wouldn't necessarily count on one doing so. 


If you do want help from one of the reps here, they may need some personal info from you, like your phone number or SAN (HughesNet Account number), in order to locate your account so that they can run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment. If this is the case, they'll give you a link to send the info through private message for the sake of security, as you don't want to post that info here in public.

Thank you, I will give that a try.