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Wired versus and/or wireless

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Wired versus and/or wireless

Greetings!  I am bad at all-things-tech and would appreciate some basic help.  I have an older, wired HughesNet connection that goes directly to my computer.  I don't like the idea of wireless signals in my home and have to date been pleased with the wired-only connection.  However, now I'm looking for a way to get movies, since the NetFlix DVD service is no longer available.  So . . . I see the new "Fusion" option at HughesNet.  With that, can I turn the wireless off when I don't want wireless energy all over my home?  Does the wireless work with a TV to get movies, or with the computer, or both?  (Our TV is pretty old).  How dangerous are the wireless signals--say, if we're sitting 8-10 feet away from the TV to watch movies?  How would the wireless be added to our system?  Is that something we'd do, or would an installer do?  Does it require a different and/or separate modem?  Does it come in through a wire?  If so, can our existing wire be split to go to our TV room to provide wireless there, with no wireless in the computer room?   I know that's a lot of questions--I apologize for my ignorance, but really do appreciate some help.  In advance, thank you!   🙂   


1. WiFi is just a way to connect your devices to the modem as an alternative to using an Ethernet cable, which you are apparently using now.

2. Fusion uses a wireless telephone network to augment some of the satellite's data feed outside of your home in order to reduce the undesirable delay times that are normally associated with satellite communications in a number a situations.


These two things are completely independent, but a Fusion system requires the wireless telephone side to be active at all times.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.