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control center diagnostics

Is there a page that explains how to decipher the control center codes and information?

I'm trying to understand why my internet service has been absolutely, terribly s l o w and using up data. My data allowence is more than half used, and was reset just a week ago!

Whatever the dang problem needs to be fixed, and shouldn't count against my allowence for poor service.


I've tried to sort through the system information as well as this forum to resolve this issue, but have been unable to find "what to do if you have errors and red 'x' marks, etc...." 


What is 12.1.9 state code, for example??

And how much data is hughesnet taking away from me to ask that question??


Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.


Hello randyill221,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I am going to issue a complimentary site visit to repair your outdoor equipment. The technician will contact you soon to arrange a date. Thanks.




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A 12.1.9 State Code means a transmission error has occured.  This can be caused by a number of things, and a rep will probably run remote diagnostics on your system to determine what may be causing the issue if it is a common occurence.  In the meantime, it's best to leave the modem powered so it doesn't lose any of its internal diagnostic codes that can help a rep to determine if there is a problem.  


Some of the code definitions can be seen by hovering over them if they pop up in the System Control Center.  You can also Google the codes, and may find definitions for certain codes on Google that link back to a thread on this Community.  As for an actual list, only techs and Hughesnet themselves have that.    


How much data is Hughesnet taking away for you to ask these questions?  Posting on here uses VERY LITTLE data as it's mostly text.  Maybe 1MB?  It's a question I've never seen asked before, so I can only guess at the amount.   


Your data usage being high can be caused by a number of things, and you need to drill down what that could be.  The following thread contains a lot of information, and much of it will probably be helpful in reducing that usage.


But, with that said, data usage, and it's reduction, is the user's responsibility.  Hugehsnet doesn't replenish peoples' data because of a user's high data usage.  This is why it's so very important for the user to figure out what is using the data and adjust things so that it's not being used up so quickly.   


Auto program updates.  Syncing in Windows.  "Updates from more than one place" in Windows 10.  Adblockers for browsers (Adblock Plus is the most popular).  Turning off auto video playing in Facebook.   Using Glasswire to determine what's using the data on a Windows computer (explained in the linked thread).  DirecTV receivers can use a ton of data when connected to Hughesnet (usually advised against).  Etc.  


There are a ton of things that can use data without it being obvious or the user being aware.  What's listed above are many of the most common.  The linked thread contains a lot that can help.    


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Thanks! It never occured to me to Google the information I'm trying to learn.

When I asked how much data posting a question was using, I was being a bit of a...brat. Pages were taking forever to load, timing out, and I often had to log in again. So each time that happened, I wondered how much data went along with it.


 And yes, I do have sync and updates off, I'm using a tablet, not a computer, I don't watch videos, and my tv isn't connect to hughesnet.


I am not doing anything different, other than spending a bunch of my time trying to get pages to load. 


The state code, and other codes, have been a common occurrence for the better part of a week... It would be most lovely if a rep were to run remote diagnostics. Although my service is typically slow, this past week has been "dial up" slow.


Thanks again for the info, have a grand evening,


Hello randyill221,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I am going to issue a complimentary site visit to repair your outdoor equipment. The technician will contact you soon to arrange a date. Thanks.




Thank you, Aedan. And thank much for welcoming me to the community as well. 

Everything seems to be working well now. Some materials needed to be replaced on the dish.

Again, thank you!


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