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wifi Streaming

I have Gen5 Hughes Net and seem to have a streaming problem on our I-Pad's while on the Facebook watch page the streaming is constantly interrupted. 

I have taken my I-Pad in the room where the modem is and have the same problem. Is it a settings problem, weak wifi modem I am aggrevated.

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Browsing has been absurdly sluggish today, and has been wonky for the past few weeks, though not as bad as today. I can't update apps on my Apple devices, and those files are between 100 and 400 MB and I've tried updating them individually so as not to overburden the wifi.


I wouldn't even try to stream anything today -- those files can be huge and they likely wouldn't work. I've also tried to take my devices close to the modem, and have tried direct connections to the modem -- no joy.   There are so many reasons while this could be happening (some of them even outside the ISP's control) that it's pointless to guess.  


According to my HN app, my wifi connection is excellent, so it's not that.  Everything I've tried has not improved the issue.  I even have trouble accessing Google Docs and iCloud. Very frustrating. 


I wondered if it's beam related. I'm on Beam 68. What beam are you on?


Hopefully the reps here may have information on Monday.




Thanks for reaching out! It seems that this is your first post on the site. Welcome to the Community! I was able to locate your HughesNet account through your Community profile, which is great! After running a few speed tests, it seems your download speeds are looking pretty good. Are you still experiencing the same issues you were on Saturday? It seems your devices currently have a Fair signal, connected to the hug5g network. One thing I would recommend is switching your iPad over to the hug2g network while moving around the house, as it has a more broad range. 




I have tried the 2G and the streaming is still interrupted about the same as the 5G.