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Cell reception booster suggestions?

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Cell reception booster suggestions?

We live in a metal building so our cell phones don't have very good reception. When searching for boosters, there are so many different things to consider that I'm a bit overwhelmed. Does anyone have experience with these and could recommend good options? Or suggestions for increasing the reception in general? 

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I don't use one so I can't offer suggestions, but you may want to read user reviews for the different boosters here:

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Be careful on your choice. I was assured that my cell would work with VOIP if it had that function.  Guess what it doesn't!. Hughes net should better train their employees. I am in a very rural area where the land lines don't work , cell dosnt work, and Hughes net wsss my last hope... Don't get your hopes up..

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The OP's question has nothing to do with HughesNet.  They're asking about a booster for their cell reception.  


Regarding WiFi calling, it is not recommended, nor supported, by HughesNet.  



Cell phone boosters work with VOIP with Verizon. Check your info prior to responding.  

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@Chrisplindy wrote:

Cell phone boosters work with VOIP with Verizon. Check your info prior to responding.  

And perhaps you should do the same, as you've now, apparently, introduced a third topic, which, as before, has absolutely nothing to do with HughesNet, nor would it necessitate them needing to better train their employees.  HughesNet is HughesNet, not Verizon, and they have nothing to do with Verizon.


The OP asked about a cell booster, which has nothing to do with your complaint about HughesNet allegedly misinforming you about your ability to use your cell phone for VOIP with HughesNet. 


Stick with one topic, which should be the one started by the OP.  You're all over the place, and your complaint about HughesNet has absolutely nothing to do with, nor has any bearing on, the OP's question.