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Echo from amazon

Does anyone use echo with HughesNet
Distinguished Professor IV

I don't use it but just this week I heard from a couple of HN users that it goes offline very frequently.  Do you use Echo yourself, and are you experiencing issues?

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yes i use it and it works great.if you need info. on linking it ,go to amazon .com and it tells how to do it. good luck


I've had the Echo Show and Gen 5 service since June 2017 and have had no problems with the connection.

Regarding the Amazon Echo... My experience is that it works fine when you have the bandwidth.  When you run out of bandwidth (fap) ... it hiccups and often becomes frustratingly useless... So, dont run out of bandwidth if you have Alexa...

Yes, I use Amazon Echo and it works fine until speeds are throttled then it will stall or disconnect/reconnect while streaming music.   Worked fine for everything else and I do not see a big data usuage while it is plugged in.  I mainly use it for shopping list updates, weather forcasts, and kids use it for jokes, homework assist, and music.