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Echo from amazon

I am a new subsciber to HughesNet.

I use an Amazon Echo in my home, which is connected to the Internet by Verizon.

I would like to also install an Amazon Echo at our lake house, but I am wondering if it would eat up too much data.

We use it mainly to check temperatures, aski it questions, etc., etc., etc. Not all that frequent or that much.

The biggest thing I could see using it for is asking for Echo to play music from time-to-time.

I am also wondering if the Google device would be a better choice for HughsNet.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.














We have been using echo for a year+ now.  Its not a heavily used device in my home and its use of our 'allocation' is insignificant.  One thing of note that I mentioned in the other Echo thread is that it doesnt work well if you run out of your allocation.  Unfortunately I cannot speak to other 'Echo' like devices.

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