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HN7000S ethernet cable

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HN7000S ethernet cable

My internet connection has been off for a while and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my current ethernet cable. My quick online search shows that the HN7000S modem uses an RJ45 cable. Whenever I search for one to order I get something like RJ45 CAT 5 ethernet cables. From my previous search it says the RJ45 and Cat5/6 cables are different. Can I use the RJ45 CAT 5 cables to replace my current ethernet cable?


For those of you wondering how my connection has been off lately. The System Status shows everything is fine, pings out come back fine but I can't open any sites using 2 different browsers and sometimes when I try to view it's a bit slow to open along with some Advanced Configuration and Statistics pages. 

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You can use a CAT5 cable, and it may be that the speed capabilities of your particular system wouldn't reach the point that you'd see the advantage of the higher speed capabilities of a CAT6 cable, but if you have to buy one I'd still go with CAT6 for the sake of "future proofing".

@GabeU Thank you. I just ordered a couple Cat5 cables. If we ever get a service that requires higher speeds I'll just order Cat6 cables.