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False advertisement

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False advertisement

I was told wrong about this service when having it installed, I think it's the worst internet out there no wonder they have it as a contract I wish I never got it. And being a single mom I can't afford to drop it and it's bad that my kids can't even use it for their laptops for school. I was lied to by this company. I decided I wasn't going to do this and one of the guys from the company called the tech to talk to me and talked me into this!! Big mistake!!! Wouldn't recommend to anyone!!
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Re: False advertisement

What's the issue?  


Why can your kids not use it for school?  

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Re: False advertisement

"no wonder they have it as a contract"

No, they have it as a contract because it's the industry standard.


Re: False advertisement

Hello Ebornl,


It's been a while since we've heard from you so this thread will be closed. We did not receive any more information regarding your specific concerns and how we can help, so if you do still need assistance, feel free to create a new thread with more details.


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