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Mega bytes

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Mega bytes

Signed up for 25 mg end of September. Ended up with very slow internet (under one mg) the whole time. Tech had me upgrade (more$$) and still 1.5 mg. Can it be fixed???
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Re: Mega bytes



If you're having speed issue, please run some speed tests using this protocol, then start a new topic in Tech Support about your speed issue and post the results URL so that the speed test results can be viewed.  


Edit:  Before running the tests, please first ensure that you are not out of plan data, which you can do here, as speed tests run while out of plan data will not be of value.  The tests should only be run when you have plan data. 


Please also ensure that both boxes at the top of that same page are green.  If they are NOT both green, please indicate this in your new topic in the Tech Support section, but hold off on the speed testing, as both boxes not being green indicates an issue that needs to be addressed before running any speed tests.

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Re: Mega bytes



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.