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What A Nightmare Trying To get A Repairman To Fix My Internet Connection / Last Rep Hung up on Me ??

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What A Nightmare Trying To get A Repairman To Fix My Internet Connection / Last Rep Hung up on Me ??

You wouldn't believe how many phone calls & hours I have with Hughes net representatives and to this day my problem still exists. After speaking to a woman there today and getting the normal run around I told her that I need to speak to a supervisor or manager then I figure out that I was talking to myself as she hung up on me ???  From the very beginning of this problem of me continually losing my internet connection & so slow that its timing out.  I actually think I figured out what the problem is and advised everyone that I have spoken to, and that is that my LAN unit on my dish on the roof that is approx. 8 yrs. old it has moisture / water / condensation in it !!! and I get the same waste of time from everyone I speak to as they want to run the exact same tests to see if I have a connection and then transfer me to there home tech line that wants 120.00 to repair my internet ?? I am like I am not paying a dime for a repair of there equipment to give me satisfactory internet. They also talked me into getting Gen 5 and said this would solve my problem and it was so-called much faster / reliable with built in WiFi etc.. So after the guy talking me through hooking it up and waiting an hour to start my computer I ended up with the same slow & intermittent no internet connection problem and another problem and that was my wireless printer wouldn't work as the guy told me to remove my Belkin router and I would no longer need it. So while I still have the same slow internet &  intermittent no internet issue , and because now my printer wouldn't work,l I call them again to find out how to use the builtin WiFi for my printer, the Rep connected  me to the  Home Tech line again who wants 120.00 for my printer to work, so I call back again and speak to another girl and she says I am going to transfer you to home tech and there will not be a charge going through me ?? so again the guy says we charge for all of our services, so I tell the guy I am not paying a dime as my Gen 5 upgrade has taken me in reverse with me not having a working printer now & I cannot believe Hughes net does not know how to use the WiFi, so I ended up hooking up my Belkin router again and got the printer running on my own.So after several calls I thought I finally got through to someone that actually understood my issue and he had that he could clearly see I have an issue and my speed should be 25 mb and its only at 10 mb and that he needed to do these tests in order for him to be able to get me a repairman free of charge.My connection loss is so bad that we couldn't even do some of his tests as it would time out because it took to long to connect. He then said they would be calling me in 24 to 48 hrs. to set up an appointment to come over. Well after not hearing from them in 4 days I called Hughes net again and that is when the girl ended up hanging up on me as she said someone remotely was going to fix my speed ?? First off what does my speed have to do with a constant intermittent internet connection loss.I feel like everyone there doesn't have a clue how to do there jobs. So then I seen I had a missed call from Hughes net with a message from a foreigner that I could barley understand and his message was so broken up bad that I kept replaying it to try and figure out what he was saying as even the pin number he left you couldn't understand.So I called the number and it told me to leave my name & number, but then it said sorry the mailbox is full ??? I am like what the heck is with this company / this is absolute insanity / the mailbox is full ??  and everything I do I have to copy and paste it to word including what I am typing right now as when I hit the send button many times I will have no internet connection and lose what I am doing.I have never dealt with such terrible customer service and this company has the home tech repair on speed dial as a money making scheme. They even sent me to them when I first called them about my slow / loss of internet issues. If I cannot get someone to actually help me with in the next day or so, I am calling a new internet company because I have  options.and have given them every opportunity to help me with no success. Even the install of the dish was very sloppy (see pic) as the wire is running loosely  down my roof from the peak and shoved in my gutter. Thanks goodness I live in the woods and its at the rear side of my roof but it looks like a little kid installed it. But I never called and complained and now I have a problem and have been a 8 yr. customer and get nothing but the run around. Sorry this is not acceptable from a Billion dollar company that should be able to hire employees that speak good acceptable clear english for its U.S citizens  !!! I have a message on my phone and when you hear this garbled broken english you will understand why this is very frustrating.and its sounds like they are very far away / like overseas !!! This is not all of there employees but many, and when you have to keep asking them to repeat themselves so you can understand them, that is a problem. So, nothing worse than having a problem and having it compounded with the person your speaking to you cannot understand.

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Re: What A Nightmare Trying To get A Repairman To Fix My Internet Connection / Last Rep Hung up on M

a. TL;DR

b. What does this have to do with comments about this web site (aka 'Community')?


If you're looking for technical support, please post a concise explanation of the problem you are having in the area clearly marked 'Technical Support' so others users in this customer-based Supprt Community (or HughesNet agents that monitor it) can easily help you solve it.


Also, don't assume you know what the problem is because there's no such thing as a LAN unit on your roof, only a radio transceiver. Just explain the problem... only the problem.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Re: What A Nightmare Trying To get A Repairman To Fix My Internet Connection / Last Rep Hung up on M



I only got through about the first ten lines, then gave up.  No paragraph breaks makes it too much of a pain to read all the way through.  


You can use your Belkin router with the HT2000W modem.  Make sure to disable the WiFi in the HT2000W if you do so, so that the two WiFi sources don't conflict with each other.  Make sure to click "Save Settings" after unchecking "SSID Enable" for each of the four tabs individually (2.4Ghz, then 2.4Ghz Guest, then 5Ghz, then 5Ghz Guest), as if you uncheck all four, then click "Save Settings", the setting won't hold.  Printer problem solved. 


As for your internet issue(s), please start a new topic in Tech Support, and like Mark says, just explain the problem in a concise manner.  And if it's still lengthy, please break it up into paragraphs, as no one is going to bother reading all the way through something like what's posted above.

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