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email notifications w.r.t. Community

I can't seem to get my email notifications from Community set the way I'd like them.  I don't use my @hughesnet email account if I can help it.  Before the Community software was switched there was a way of setting up my account to send notifications to alternate email accounts and designate a "primary" email account.  Before the sw switch I had set my account to use my not-hughesnet email account as my primary email account and I had removed the hughesnet email account from the list of email accounts.  Community persisted in sending email notifications to the hughesnet email account (in addition to my not-hughesnet email account).  As a result of my lack of use of that hughesnet email account the inbox would fill with these messages.  With the new Community software I don't see any way of controlling email notifications other than turning them on/off altogether.  I notice now that the Community software is hit or miss at sending email notifications to my not-hughesnet email account, while it sends LOTS more (all) to my hughesnet email account.  How can I direct the new Community software to NOT send mail to my hughesnet email, but instead send ALL notifications to my non-hughesnet email account?  Thanks for your help.


A related question.  Is there way to send up a permanent forward on my hughesnet email account ?


@jezra wrote:
HughesNet requires that you use the HughesNet email address that they have assigned to you.

That seems overly restrictive and is unfortunate.  I guess if they want to restrict board participation to those with hughesnet accounts that would do the trick.  Even with that goal, that does not rule out additional non-hughenet email accounts being utilized (as used to be the case) for notifications.

They may be trying to cut down on the trolls and drive-by spammers that would hit the old site on the weekends.


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@jezra wrote:
Asking "what phone number is associated with your account?" and "what is your SAN?" during forum account creation would be more effective than requiring a user to use the assigned HughesNet email address

Good point.

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@motobojo wrote:


A related question.  Is there way to send up a permanent forward on my hughesnet email account ?



Once you're signed into your email, click on the Preferences tab.  




Once in Preferences, click on Mail.




Then go down to "Receiving Messages" and fill in the forwarding address in the "Forward a copy to" box.  Also choose whether you want to keep a local copy in your email.  I did in the beginning to make sure that everything was forwarding correctly.  Once I found out that it was forwarding them properly I checked it so it didn't keep the emails.  




Then click save.  




It's worked fine for me.  Good luck.  


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