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sluggish internet

does anyone knows how to get rid of this sluggish (super-slow) internet provider "hughesnet" without paying their termination fees since they didn't comply with the promised service is any way I can just cancel and avoid the fees? please help

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Your best bet is to open a ticket under Tech Support and give a detailed description of the issue. You will also need to provide a link to your account’s My Results page.


Without a documented trail of your working with the reps to try to improve your experience, the early termination fee is valid and applies.





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Please open a ticket in the Tech Support section.   To have speed issues addressed by the HughesNet reps on this community, you will need to follow the instructions detailed here:


Do not use any other speed test but, and post the link to your My Results page. Do not post screenshots of the tests results, only the link to the My Results page.

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If you feel you were misled about the service or promised something you haven't seen, and it's been no longer than four or five months since your sales call, you can request a sales call review.  If this is found to be the case, you may have recourse.  


You can ask for a sales call review in the My Account and Billing section.  Be sure to be specific about what you were "promised" that wasn't delivered upon so that they are sure not to miss it in the review.  


With this said, however, any technical issues will first need to be troubleshooted by the reps.  Posting about the issue(s) in Tech Support, as maratsade suggested, will help in that endeavor.

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