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1st month great, 2nd not so much.

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1st month great, 2nd not so much.

So February was our first month with HN & it went fairly well. We only got the gen5 10g plan... for movies & my son's daily tech time on his phone. We ran out 3 days early but were ok with that.
Our renew date is the 4th of the month. Well.... Please tell me how, when NOTHING has changed, but we ran out of data in 3 DAYS! Yep, 3 days. From March 4 to March 7 we somehow used all 10g of data. And didn't watch but 2 movies.
I called HN & talked to them, very nice, she gave us 2 tokens and in a few hours, .4 of those were gone. I had already made sure nothing but the TV & hopper were connected.
Now before all the questions, I kept data saver on, I blocked guest accounts as soon as service was installed, limited time on makes no sense.
Its as if HN allowed us to use all we wanted the first month to make it look good. As a matter of fact, in the usage chart it shows we could use 10g A DAY (instead of 10g for the month) in February until March 1. I guess I'm reading it right, I mean its not that hard to understand.
Any ideas on how this could happen from 1 month to the next?
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How long the data lasted in the first month vs the second month was explained in the following reply to your post in the other thread (which you replied to)...


As well, streaming is a very data intensive activity.  Going by Netflix's numbers, it uses about 3GB per hour in HD, 700MB per hour in SD and 350MB per hour in LD.  So, with a 10GB plan, that's just over three hours of HD streaming, just over 14 hours of SD streaming, and just over 28 hours of LD streaming.  And that's only the streaming.  Anything else that uses your HughesNet service will use data, as well.  Streaming via your Hopper could use more or less data.  


Additionally, HughesNet recommends against connecting a satellite TV receiver, as those receivers can use data for more than just On Demand viewing (streaming), and there's no way to control it.  This likely also contributed to your data usage.  It's recommended that you disconnect your Hopper from HughesNet for that reason. 


A link to some data saving tips was given in the other thread.   

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People on Internet service that has plan limits before being throttled really need to educate themselves on how much data things use, especially video streaming. Really not much different than monitoring a cell phone data plan.


Knowing how much things use would flag in a person's mind that something is going on for the first 20 days of new  service when use resets each day.