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22 days without service - compensation?

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22 days without service - compensation?

I was out of service for 22 days while I waited for the first available service technician.  No internet while trying to run a consulting business and a college son trying to remote learn.  They offered me 22 days of not paying my bill - big whoop!  Has anyone ever gotten additional compensation for failure to provide service due to their equipment being faulty?  I've had the service for 11 months of a 24 month contract.  Anyone ever get out of their contract early?

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You can get out of your contract any time. You will owe an early termination fee. 

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They will normally compensate for the time without service, which it sounds like they offered.  


Unless there is some sort of ongoing issue which, for whatever reason, they are not able to resolve, it's highly unlikely that they will waive the Early Termination Fee when cancelling.