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Am I able to suspend an account?

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Am I able to suspend an account?

I have Starlink coming next week, and it is arriving just about the time my next billing cycle it going to hit.


Can I suspend my HughesNet account without actually cancelling?  Just in case Starlink doesn't work since I do have trees on my property.



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For account suspension, call the 800 number. 

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If it's only going to be a matter oi a day or two, you could just bite the bullet, cancel HughesNet altogether, and go without for those couple of days.  HughesNet has a bad habit of resetting your anniversary date if you even call to make a request of this sort.  I can't wait until be get the better service where we live.  We've had HughesNet for seven years, and when a hurricane damaged our dish in 2018, they wanted to charge us for having a repairman come out and reset it.

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You can suspend your account for up to six months in any given 365 day period. However, you'll still be charged the monthly lease fee if you lease, and I believe any applicable taxes for that lease fee. Also, and I mention this primarily for others that may read this, the end date for any commitment, like from the initial 24 month service commitment or from a service upgrade that required an equipment change, will be pushed out for as long as the service is suspended.


To suspend the service, you can call 866-347-3292 for residential plans or 800-347-3272 for business plans.