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Avoid termination fee

For the entire time I have had HughesNet, I have had minimal to no service. Speeds of 4-5 when I was told I would have 20. At one point, I was talked into increasing my plan to over 189.00 a month because it was claimed that I was using too many minutes. I have been continually charged the 4.99 fee every month for Norton "service" that I cancelled because it was discovered that they were causing more issues for me than they helped. This fee has never been dropped even though I have requested it several times. I went back to the minimal plan to save money and found absolutely no change to the lack of speed, buffering and shut downs that spontaneously occur. I have found that T-Mobile is going to be offering wifi in my area. When I receive notification that it is available, I want to be able to drop HughesNet with no termination penalty. I will happily return the modem and you can even come to get the dish off my roof(if you do not damage my roof). I just want out with no further charges. You have charged me many times what the service is worth already plus charging me for Norton service that I do not have. Please send me an email documentation to the effect that I will not be charged termination fees when I cancel and I will be satisfied.
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The early termination fee is applicable if you're still under contract, and it's typically valid unless you work with the official reps here or on social media and follow the troubleshooting steps they indicate, including conducting the speed tests that are described on this site.  Without going through the process with the reps, you will need to pay the termination penalty.  As for Norton, the reps here can check on why it hasn't been removed from your account. You may need to wait until next week for them to assess your situation, or you can contact the phone reps at the toll free number.  The early termination fee is not related to how much money you have paid so far. 

EDIT: additionally, they do not remove the dish; you have to do that yourself. 

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For reference, in addition to the modem and power pack for the modem, the radio from the dish needs to be returned when your service is terminated.  If you aren't able to retrieve the radio from the dish assembly yourself, and/or if you have no one that can retrieve it for you, HughesNet does offer a service for this, but it's not free.


You can view the radio removal instructions, as well as the equipment return instructions, here.  A copy of this is also included in the equipment return kit that's sent to you after your service is terminated.


The dish assembly, however, doesn't need to be returned.  If you want that removed you'll have to either remove it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

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Thank you for posting to the community. I just wanted to check in and see if you have received any updates for your current open case with Corporate? Also, I want to track down the timeline for when you canceled your Norton service. Do you remember the month and year this took place?