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Cancel my service

sold my home, need to cancel effective 3/19/2020. All I'm asking for is a cancellation, where do I send my equipment, Closing Invoice. Have been on hold for over 6 hours, tried chat option, waited so long that my internet disconnected, called multiple times, most recently yesterday and your robot said call some other time. No help with e-mail either. I have left messages multiple times, no response, no call. I have never had such poor customer service. All of my other services and accounts have been longer than usual wait times, but I was successful in making contact with a pleasant person on the other end. HughesNet, NOT SO MUCH!
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To cancel, you will need to call 866-347-3292. You may have to pay an early termination fee if you're still under contract. See

To avoid equipment charges, you will also need to return the equipment (modem, power pack, and the radio from the dish). You will get a kit to return the equipment when you cancel the account.