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Cancel service set up by former resident

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Cancel service set up by former resident

How does a homeowner cancel service set up by former resident ( ex moved out).


hughesnet indicates ex must cancel.   However homeowner has no contact. Payments have come from homeowners bank account, 


tired of the run around 

Distinguished Professor IV

Only the account owner can cancel. You don't have any way to contact them?

Nope! Gone 5 years.  Not sure why proof of banking info home ownership is not acceptable…

Distinguished Professor IV

Wow. That’s a very unusual situation. Not sure how an account holder can get the company to debit another person’s bank account/credit card. 


In any case, I suggest you wait until one of the corporate reps on this site sees your post and replies to you. They may be able to do something about this.

Yes. Unusual. Homeowner was added to the account at departure but was not original owner of account.  Therefore payments could be made for service at the house.



Thank you for posting and sorry to hear you are in this unusual situation. This is happening because accounts are not officially transferable without consent from the original account owners in any circumstance. All powers of the original account owner which include cancelation, only apply to the original account owner unless change of ownership is filed. Change of ownership also requires consent from the original account owner. This is all due to account security in a attempt to avoid fraud and other evasive service/contract actions.


If I have this right, the original account and home owner from 5 years ago started service, moved out, and then the second home owners began to pay for the service, but were never officially made the Hughesnet account owners through change of ownership? If this is the case and you cannot get in contact with them by any means, then you could dispose of the equipment altogether following the local waste management guidelines or store it until you can possibly find and get in contact with the original homeowners. If they would like Hughesnet for themselves instead, they would need to call our sales department and start new service. This would require a brand new install as our equipment has been upgraded within the last 5 years.



In terms of the second owners who may still be paying for the service, I recommend they stop immediately as any credit based disciplinary actions for non payment such as collections, would fall on the original account owners since they failed to transfer over the account correctly. They should be able to call in and remove the card or switch it to invoice billing avoiding any auto debits.