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I tried to cancel my hughesnet within 14 days of starting service - went through all 200 MB within a week and it just isn’t a fit for us. Still getting charged the $400 cancellation. Absolutely ridiculous and should be reported to Better Business Bureu 

Distinguished Professor IV

The legally binding subscriber agreement, which goes into effect as soon as your service starts, states:


If you cancel after activation but before the end of your 24-month term commitment, you will be charged a Service Termination Fee of up to $400. The exact amount of the Service Termination Fee will be $400 during the first ninety (90) days after activation of the Hughesnet Service. Thereafter, the amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active Service.



You have tried to cancel after activation and before the end of your 24-month commitment, therefore the $400 fee would legally apply.  I suggest you avoid further surprises by reading the subscriber agreement in its entirety:


By having an account and using the service, you are bound by this agreement and its provisions. The agreement also states what you can do if you have a grievance. You may want to read that as well. 


Not sure who you think the Bureau is or what it can do, but they are a non-governmental organisation that functions as a mediator between businesses and customers and have no legal authority whatsoever.   They would be able to do exactly zero for you in your case, given that there is a legally binding subscriber agreement that specifies the terms, and the early termination fee is one of those terms.  Additionally, they give Hughesnet the highest rating (A+).