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Cancelation Fee for Gen 5

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Cancelation Fee for Gen 5

I am a disabled 63 old male that lives in a rural area that had only Hughes Net for internet.  I signed up over 2 years ago and could not use the internet after 3 PM; after multiple calls to the help line I was told that I needed to go to the Gen 5 system.  On 6/21/17 I signed up for the Gen 5 making sure that I would not be locked into another 2 years, that my time would originate from first signing up with Hughes; I was assured my time went back to first signing on with Hughes.  I have to depend on being able to contact my physicians and/or EMT for emergencies due to my illness, which I was supposed to be able to do with Hughes phone service.  In less than 5 months a have a documented 34 phone calls with customer service because of not being able to use the phone or my internet after 4 PM as the internet was so slow I couldn't access any thing with a pass word or it would time out and my phone calls could not be heard from either party.  On my last phone call to Hughes I told them that I was going to switch as soon as another supplier came to our area, which it did and I switched.  Now, I found out that I will have to pay $400 plus for "early" cancellation fees.  Unbelievable service and business morals.

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If you got Gen5 on 6/21/17, and it put you in a new two year contract, which I believe it does, your ETF should be around $265.  It's $400 for the first 90 days, then $15 less each month thereafter.  


The ETF for HughesNet voice is $10 times the number of months left in the Voice contract.  


With that said, though, a rep will have to tell you for sure, as the contract thing might be different due to you upgrading to solve a problem.  I don't know that it is, I'm just saying that the reps will have to tell you for sure.  


But, this is the General Discussion section, which isn't for HughesNet Support.  If you're looking to cancel the service, you should repost this in the "MyAccount and Billing" section.  If you're looking to address the technical issues you're experiencing, you should post in the Tech Support section.  



On a side note:   Keep in mind that, even though HughesNet's Voice service is meant to be reliable, and certainly more reliable than you've been experiencing, satellite internet (and Voice) isn't exactly what one would consider absolutely reliable.  If there's bad weather or the power goes out, you've got no phone.  And though I've no doubt you've already thought of this, if you can get cell service you might want to think about something like a cheap tracfone just in case of emergencies and when you have nothing else.  You can get really cheap ones and the pay as you go plans can be cheap, as well (I pay a little over $20 for three months of service).  Just a thought.   

I live where there is no cell service so that is not an option.  When I had the older generation Hughes net, which I had for 2 years, I was able to use my cell phone on wi-fi; but was not that great and after 3 PM I had basically no internet. Hughes' solution was for me was to go to their newest and greatest Gen 5 technology.  Before I signed up I specifically asked the rep would I be locked in for 2 more years and she said "no I would not."  The Gen 5 was worse than the Gen 3 in my opinion and was no solution.  I needed to be able to talk to my physicians and health care providers but was not the case with Gen 5.  I have documented 34 calls into the support staff and basically several of them said "we have issues with Gen 5."  My whole point is that we should not be held accountable for a service that was not what was claimed, as California ex-clients are expressing in their action against Hughes.

I know what you mean I have a gen 5 and it is the worse junk I have ever had and the service is nonexestance. my speed is 1.2 Kps and they tell me its 10 mps my advice is stay away from huges

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You know, many of us live in rural areas.  In fact, I bet most of Hughesnet's users live in rural areas where there are either no other choices for internet, or the other choice(s) are rubbish and/or very expensive. I have Verizon wireless available: it is expensive and it is rubbish.  Hughesnet works very well for me and for a great majority of its customers.  Perhaps it doesn't work as well for you, and if so you should try to fix the issues you have.  But you are doing people with limited choices a disservice by telling them to discard something that may very well work fine for them. 


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.

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@GRAJNISH wrote:

I know what you mean I have a gen 5 and it is the worse junk I have ever had and the service is nonexestance. my speed is 1.2 Kps and they tell me its 10 mps my advice is stay away from huges

HughesNet works well for the majority of customers, including myself.  


And, if you would like to address the alleged speed issue you should post in Tech Support.  



CSPMONE, It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.

Hello CSPMONE, thank you for posting on the community. I was investigating your Gen 5 upgrade and listened to the call you made to upgrade the service. During the call, the representative informed you of the new 24-month commitment, and you agreed to it. When the agent read the terms and conditions, you also agreed to the service agreement which you can read here: