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Cancelation & Final bill

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Cancelation & Final bill

So I have cancelled my internet and my final bill will be around $300 this is because somehow I skipped a month. Still planning on paying it however I have two problems. First off when I moved nearly a year ago I was never able to get my stuff this includes the router. How long do I have to return it? I'm looking at October before I go and get my stuff. In addition I will not be able to pay my bill in full. I was wondering how much time do I have to pay it off. I was thinking about making Bi-Weekly payments of $100 minimum. And I need a estimate for how much everything is going to be just in case it's easier to pay everything rather than going across the state and back just to return the router and modem.

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@Bishop ,

I'm sure the reps here can find all this info for you. Some places are closed due to Juneteenth, so they may not be around today. Good luck with everything!

EDIT: Turns out they're here! 🙂




Thank you for reaching out! I've gone ahead and sent you a private message to dive into and address the situation. Please let me know if you've received it!