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Canceling and dates they gave me

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Canceling and dates they gave me

I called to cancel my service with Hughesnet (something cheaper and better in the area now) and I told the customer service guy I wanted my account closed as of today. He said it would be at "the end of the month" (even though today is the last day of my billing period) and that I would receive an email about it on Jan 5 and receive the box to send the equipment back around Jan 17. So is that "normal" or because of the holidays? I made it clear that I wanted it canceled as of today, as in I'm not paying for another 2 weeks of service, and he assured me all was well but seems like a long time to wait (almost 3 weeks) for a confirmation email.
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The normal procedure when requesting cancellation is for them to terminate the service at the end of your current month, with the reason being that you've already paid for it (if on automatic billing).  However, as far as I know, immediate cancellation should be an option, which means terminating your service today instead of at the end of your current month and crediting the rest of the month's fees, which you would ultimately get back.  Why they refused this option I don't know.  I also don't know why they said next month if this was the last day of your current month.   


As for the equipment return kit, you should receive it within a working week of the date of service termination.  HughesNet needs to receive the equipment within 45 days of service termination so as to not be charged for it.  For reference, this is the procedure for returning the equipment.  It's a PDF.  


I'm sure a rep will either confirm or correct any of this information.



Thank you for posting again. @GabeU is correct in regard to the normal procedures for canceling an account. Your service was successfully terminated and you should not be charged for the grace period. This grace period is available just in case you are unable to find another provider in time or simply change your mind. What I will do is monitor your account to make sure there are no charges for the grace period. If there is one, for some reason, I will waive it immediately. Alternatively, you can call back in and request a termination revision in which it can be re-processed as immediate. I would do this for you here, however, I am unable to initiate or alter terminations through our social media platform. This is due to account security. I am also unsure why this was not done in the first place, as the case notes do not indicate the reasoning behind it. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.