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Canceling contract without penalty due to misleading sales pitch

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Canceling contract without penalty due to misleading sales pitch

I am extremely disappointed with the lack of integrity Hughes net has shown me as a company. I signed up for the service in march under a completely misleading sales pitch. The salesperson went out of their way to tell me that they are a college student that lives in Missouri (in tornado alley), and they never have any issues with service cutting out. This is what I was told after I asked how reliable Hughes net service is, and how it is during storms. I would NOT have signed up for Hughes net, had I not been told that misleading statement (lie). Our internet cuts off completely during any and every little storm. It rains a lot where I live, so this is completely unacceptable. Not only was I lied to for the sale, but I did not authorize any other charges on my account, nor was I presented with any information that I would have any extra charges after one month. I signed up for 64 dollars a month, including the satellite rental. I recently checked my credit card, and noticed I was being charged 75 dollars, ever since I signed up. I contacted customer service today via phone, and explained the situation. They told me that they would remove the insurance service fee that they added to my account WITHOUT my prior authorization. At that point, I was completely fed up with all of the lies and unauthorized charges, that I asked to please speak with someone about cancelling my services without penalty. It went south from there. I wasted over an hour of my time talking in circles with customer service, who even had the nerve to try and sell me more data!!

If I am sold a service based on a lie, I should not have to pay for early termination, when I am beyond unsatisfied with my service. That is completely unethical and disgraceful. I have had direct tv before, and know that satellite service is not always perfect, but when a salesperson goes out of their way to assure me that Hughes net is great during storms, just to get a sale, that is where I draw the line. 

I would like to be contacted by someone who can assist me with this matter and waive the termination fee. I will not waste anymore time on useless phone calls with customer service who completely ignored what I called about and told me to call them whenever there's an issue. I don't have the free time to call anytime there's a storm and I lose internet. That is such an unreasonable request. 



Hello mariamak123,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting. Please check your messages in the upper right-hand corner as I have sent you more information to address your concerns. Thanks.



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