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Customer Service

Why is there NO customer service??? I have called more times then I care to mention and have sat on the phone for LITERALLY hours... Nothing!!!! it's almost like they want you to go away. I work 7 days a week. For often times 10 or more hours. I don't have time for this!!! Shouldn't they be able to tell you why/how you are going through your data? If I am wrong please tell me..God forbid we actually watch a movie! Which we don't. I can not understand this and they refruse to help. I have been on the phone tonight for literally 1 and 1/2 hours!!!! I am still on hold waiting for ma supervisor!!!!

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Why don't you go ahead and post your issues here?  This isn't instant customer service, but depending on the issue, the community may be able to help. 


And no, they can't tell you what's going through your data, because they're not at home with you.  You need to be the one to test to see where the data is going. 

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As maratsade suggested, we may be able to help you figure out what is using your data so quickly, and how to use less of it, including by device.  If you would like that help, please start a new topic in Tech Support, which you can do here.  If/when you do so, it would help to know what devices you use with HughesNet.  You can see currently and formerly connected devices here.  The formerly connected devices are only since the last time the HughesNet modem was plugged in or rebooted, as unplugging or rebooting the modem wipes the device connection logs.